Planning an Off-Mountain Snow Holiday to Falls Creek

If you are reading this, it means you are finally planning for an off-mountain snow holiday to Falls Creek. Now when you have decided on the place there are many other things that are going through your head like ski hire, lift passes, resort and accommodation choices, lessons, equipment etc. Let me tell you that when you make a selection of Falls Creek accommodation packages it may or may not include the activities. With a number of ski areas, what should be considered and what not to is a tricky question. Only a well-experienced person would be able to let you know that. Initially, the trip to Falls Creek was only considered for die-hard fans of skiers however in recent times it has modified in the way that all can enjoy it. A couple of lessons should be fine to learn the basics.

How do you get there?

One can buy an annual pass online or buy a pass for each car once you get there. If the plan is to stay for a week then an annual pass will be cheaper. Park the car at the ski tube and ride the train up the mountain. Carrying snow chain boots that can be hired is advisable and do a practice at home itself. Additionally, ensure that the car tires are in great condition. 

When should you plan to go there?

The ski season officially starts during the Queen’s birthday long weekend that falls in June. One can think of planning the trip during midyear break of school going kids. There are a number of activities planned for kids. The snow condition may not be at its best; however, with the use of snowmaking machines, there are no problems for ski fields.

Accommodation facilities

There are a number of Falls Creek budget accommodations available. You can consider booking them in advance to avoid last minute hassle. Many of them include lift passes, equipment on hire, lessons, and practice sessions that will enable you to save a lot of money and time. Look for smaller and all-inclusive accommodations if you are a smaller family. 

Things to do

1. A dining experience at the falls creek includes breakfast, dinner, lunch, and coffee and snacks etc. The food consists of variations with the use of delicious ingredients that are sourced from the regions finest producers.

2. XC is something that you and your family can do it together. It is fun as well as safe. The activity is easy to learn and the excellent way of experiencing snow in low budget.

3. Falls Creek is one of the most expansive trail networks. One can take a breathtaking panoramic view of the vast plains, deep valleys and snowy mountains.

Accommodation at Falls Creek is expensive as well as affordable. Making a choice is up to you. Both of them may have the activities as well as the sale of equipment required for them. In fact, they will have professionals to trains and guide you throughout your stay.

Pretty Valley Alpine Lodge

If you are looking for Falls Creek accommodation then Pretty Valley lodges offer a wide range of facilities and activities to keep the whole family entertained.