Special Factors of the Family Friendly Lodge Accommodation

Travelling with friends and travelling with family are totally different things.

You have to be more careful about everything while travelling with family. You have to make sure that they feel safe and comfortable throughout the trip. Especially if kids are travelling along, you may need to take some extra efforts in planning. Choosing a family-friendly accommodation also comes under it. So here I am enlisting few factors associated with family-friendly accommodations to help you decide:

Family bedrooms: Family friendly accommodations should have special family bedrooms having special beds for children. These rooms should have individually controlled heating and daily service. Specialty lodges at Falls Creek provide you with such rooms.

Kid friendly: Travelling with kids really difficult, they hate new places and they get bored easily. You have to keep an eye on them all the time and this takes all your energy and time. Only a family friendly accommodation which can keep your kids happy, engaged and safe can save you in this case. There are family friendly lodges at Falls Creek which keeps your kids happy and busy with fun activities like early meals only for kids, entertainment programs, video games and cinema at cinema room. A caretaker is always present with them to ensure their safety. Family-friendly lodges in Falls Creek take good care of your kids with all these activities.

Spa: Spa relaxes your mind, renews the mind and revives the soul, they say. What can be more heavenly than having a spa on holiday, after all, the holiday is all about relaxation. Specialty lodges at Falls Creek have great Spas inside the lodge. Here body massages are provided by experienced and qualified massage therapists.

Near to Ski location: the ski location should be near to your accommodation so that you don't have to waste the energy in reaching the ski location. It's even better to have easy access to chair lifts. This way you can go back to the hotel to have hot buffet lunch and come back later.

Swimming pool: A hot bath after skiing whole day relaxes the whole body. An outdoor heated swimming pool is must in your accommodation if you are on Ski holiday. Family-friendly lodges in Falls Creek usually have an outdoor heated swimming pool to relax your muscles.

Pub: A good old fashioned pub would be great to have some nice drinks and meal at evening. They should have kid’s favourite dishes on the menu, so you can visit the pub with kids.

Doing a little research while selecting an accommodation for your holiday always helps. This way you can avoid many last minute problems, enjoy your holiday in peace and go back to the real life in a fresh mood.

Pretty Valley Alpine Lodge

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