Top 6 fun activities to do when you are in Falls Creek accommodation

Fun is the essence of life. So a person should always take some time off and try his hands on some fun activities. One of the best places that offer a peaceful time intertwined with fun activities is Falls Creek, Australia. Lying at a distance of 350 kilometres from the city of Melbourne, Falls Creek is a small resort town situated in the Victorian Alps. The town is a very famous tourist location and offers activities for everyone. It lies at an elevation of 5840 feet above sea level and thus is covered in snow during the winters. During the summers, it offers colourful landscapes filled with trees and flowers. The Falls Creek lodges offer exciting packages to the residents who are interested to indulge in any kind of activity. Some of the most famous activities that can be enjoyed in the Falls Creek are:-


Snow covered mountains are the best place for skiing activities. Falls Creek is a very popular destination for those who love to ski. The best part is that the place is suitable for every individual. An amateur can also learn in this area. To make things easier there are many professionals who are there to help.


Climbing mountains, walking across rocky trails, overcoming the fear of the wild, etc. are some of the things that one experiences during hiking. It is an adrenaline rushing activity that enthrals one and all. The Falls Creek terrain offers perfect hiking spots.

Helicopter rides

Another unique attraction of Falls Creek is the availability of helicopter rides. The resort town is a beautiful location and getting an opportunity to witness such a landscape from the sky can be the most exciting thing to do. So never miss a chance to experience this amazing feature.


During the summers, the resort town becomes the favourite destination for cyclists. The elevated trails have proved to be the best spot for cyclists. Many cycling events are organized during the summer months, so if planned properly, one can participate in these events.

Snow games

For the kids of the family, there is an abundance of options for activities to do. From simply spending time in the snow playing, one can enjoy the snow automobile rides. Snow tubing and tobogganing are also very fun to do. Experience trainers are available to guide the kids so safety is very much ensured.

Specialty Museum

The small town has a rich history. So an individual should plan a visit to the Falls Creek Museum and gain knowledge on the place’s history.

Other than these things, one can spend time in spas. They will offer great relaxation. Wandering in the local market can also be interesting. There are many family accommodations in Falls Creek and they offer a comfortable and luxurious stay. So with such great experiences to offer, Falls Creek is the perfect option for your next holiday destination.

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