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Are you looking to spend your upcoming holiday with your family? Well, then Falls Creek is the best place to visit to have fun with some adventure.

There are some amazing family accommodations at Falls Creek . Vacation is one such time when you want to just relax and have those quality moments with your family.

Enjoy ski during the day and warm yourself up at the bar in the night. Falls Creek lodge accommodation provides the best bar in the town along with comfortable rooms.

Here are three reasons to spend your family holiday at Falls Creek.

1. Play-

Go for snow riders with in-house ski services. The in-house snow riders will help you to save time and make the most of each day. After you are done with snowing all day.

Just relax at the hotel room with your family or warm up in the hot pool. You might be feeling cold after the long snowy day. So just warm up in the sauna.

2. Accommodation-

King Size Rooms-

  • Well, normally a king size room will have the following facilities.
  • Accommodates two guests
  • King size bed
  • Side chest and drawers
  • Hanging Space
  • Reading Lights
  • Controlled Central Heating
  • Hanging Space
  • A private balcony with wonderful views of the vistas

Bunk Rooms-

  • Here are a few Bunk Room facilities-
  • Accommodates Two Gates
  • Two Single Beds
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Hanging Space
  • Double Room With Small TV

3. Party Hard-

You can party your heart out at the oldest club in Falls Creek accommodation . Enjoy some great food with drinks at The Cock ‘N’ Bull pub in Falls Creek. The pub has traditional English prices with beer on tap. The vintage piano, intimate wood panel booths, authentic bars and two comfortable snugs all add to the ambience.

There is a special menu for kids. If you are too bored to sit at the bar, it is important that the takeaway menu is available between 5.00 PM and 10 PM. You can enjoy barbeque roast chicken with some homemade seasoning, a family size homemade pie, fish & chips and more. Enjoy these relishing snacks with some booze at your room.

This summer plan a snowy holiday. Skiing is one of the adventures you would love to explore on a snowy holiday.

If you are not a ski expert, don’t worry you can always enjoy making snow bunnies. Plan your dream winter holiday with this simple guide. Here are a few places you can visit on your snow holiday. Skiers who waited are waiting to ski in the snow. Your wait is over, ski in and ski out at Falls Creek accommodation with your family and friends.

1. Charlotte Pass-

This place at a 1760m elevation, Charlotte Pass Village is the highest ski resort is one of the oldest. It is also a smack-dab in the Snowy Mountains with an awesome view of Mount Kosciuszko. It is one of the top picks for skiers of all levels. This place only accessible by an 8 km snow cat ride from Perisher. Which seems damn cool. Open from 23rd June to 18th September.

2. Selwyn Snowfields-

This place is located in the northern section of Kosciuszko National Park. Selwyn Snowfields are family owned and operated perfectly for families with their first time in the snow. Most of the runs are for beginners and intermediate level. Any expert can also opt for advanced runs. Selwyn Ski has schools teaching tobogganing slope ski. A newbie would love to explore this place.

3. Falls Creek-

Falls Creek is one such place where you can ski all year long. This place in Australia is such that you can ski at the front door of your hotel. Falls Creek is a dream for intermediate and experienced skiers. Your paradise to advance ski is here at Pretty Valley Alpine Lodge. Beginners can go biking, snow biking, snow bowling, tobogganing, snowshoe tours etc. Book your Falls Creek winter accommodation in advance to get the best of rooms for your family. The right time to visit the place would be from 9th June to 1st October. With ski area right in front of your hotel door Falls Creek ski accommodation is an amazing adventurous option.

4. Mount Buller-

A ski-in, ski-out village is just 3.5 hr drive from Melbourne. Mount Buller will give you ski and snowboarding trails to suite every level of skier. This is the most accessible resort of Australia, with accommodation, transport, services, and equipment and training abilities.

Are you planning a winter holiday along with your family? Are you tired of the routine city life and desperately need a break? If these are related to you, then you can consider an action-packed skiing holiday at Falls Creek in Victoria. It is a great ski resort within the Alpine National Park. The site is 350 kilometres by road from Melbourne; however, if you take the Bogong Alpine Way, you would not regret the journey thanks to the stunning scenery throughout the route. Do not forget to pre-book accommodation in Falls Creek as the place experiences high season rush during winter and you may find it challenging finding suitable accommodation on reaching the location.

Here are a few things worth remembering when you plan to stay at a Falls Creek lodge accommodation.

1. Book as Early as Possible during Skiing Season:

When you have decided a holiday at the Falls Creek, book your accommodation as early as possible to gain early bird discount, and select the best property from multiple choices. Opt for children friendly Falls Creek lodges when your kids are accompanying you. They offer special kid-friendly menus and have special provisions for age-appropriate entertainment in the evening. Most of them also come with heated baby pools where the tiny-tots can chill out when they are not exploring the slopes.

2.Places to See:

Though skiing is the primary activity on the slopes of Falls Creek and the Alpine resort offers 1110 acres of the skiable area; there are some other places to visit as well in the area. Check out the Falls Creek Museum where the volunteer will help you immerse yourself in the diverse alpine history of the place from the 1940s to present day. If time permits, visit the Freds Pass Rural Markets to appreciate the local art and craft, and fresh farm produces.

3.Ski in and Ski out of Lodges:

Most of the Falls Creek lodges are on the mountains so you can practically ski in and ski out from the front door of your holiday apartment. Enrol your children at Snow sports School, famous for transforming the kids into better skiers within a few days. Expert skiers can also have a splendid time on the slope as 23% of the mountains are specially meant for them.

These were a few things to consider while booking Falls Creek lodge accommodation. Select the best one for yourself for an outstanding winter holiday.

Falls Creek is a beautiful place that can be visited throughout the year. Plan your Falls Creek accommodation package and choose the one that is most convenient and budget-friendly. There are several options available and not everything is suitable for everybody. A lot of things depend on how you are travelling and with whom you are travelling. Based on that choose the right location.

Here are 6 things to consider while choosing your accommodation in Falls Creek :

1. Travelling by your own vehicle:

The drive to Falls Creek is beautiful and can be an exhilarating one. However, there are others things to consider like the accessibility to fuel stations. Falls Creek does not have a fuel station and the closest one is in Mount Beauty. Also, they are open only from 7 AM to 7 PM. So plan your diesel/petrol needs accordingly.

2. Help lines for vehicles:

There is a help line available in Falls Creek and are located close to Falls Creek alpine resort facilities. Towing facilities are also offered by them if need be. The help line numbers are listed throughout the resort area.

3. Best locations to stay:

Choose a Falls Creek alpine resort that is close to the mountains and where the ski areas are easily accessible if you are travelling on your own without a vehicle. You need not depend on other modes of transport as they are rarely available here. So be prepared to walk a few minutes to reach the main attractions of Falls Creek. Alpine resorts like Pretty Valley offer luxurious accommodation at decent prices.

4. Where to get information:

Falls Creek Visitor’s centre provides you a comprehensive list of places to stay. They are open from 8 AM to 5 PM, seven days a week. It is also possible to get the best Falls Creek accommodation package through them.

5. Budget-wise:

It is important to budget for all the expenses even on a holiday. It is good to know information that most of the resorts need permits. So you will need to buy a permit even before you enter the resort area. For activities like skiing you will need to plan on renting the equipment. Not all resorts give it for free.

6. Book in advance:

If you are planning to visit in the peak season then book in advance.

Consider these 6 points before you start planning your holiday to Falls Creek during the peak and mid-season.

Winters are at Falls Creek are absolutely beautiful. The white snow, the cold weather and the hot chocolate makes one’s day, but winters do limit the us from getting out of the house and doing something fun and exciting. However, skiing at Falls Creek is meant for the winters, it’s one adventurous activity to do in the cold and snowy winters. The hearts of all adventure and extreme sport enthusiasts beats faster at the thought of skiing.

In order to get your skiing adventure smooth and fun, it is recommended to book your falls creek ski accommodation and get all other things sorted in advance. In the days you go skiing, you would want everything to be set, with your skiing slots booked. Ski in Ski out accommodation in falls creek is one such place where they start from suggesting you the best time to visit and recommend you stays and accommodation in advance.

Falls Creek experts suggest that you visit in the months of July to September. You can choose to live in the ski in ski out accommodation in falls creek village or you can choose to stay at the bottom of the mountain at Mount Beauty or Bogong village. It is better to choose your falls creek ski accommodation according to your preferences of ski time and traveling.

Falls Creek requires you to have a resort entry permit to bring your car into the resort. As for the skiing passes, you can book your lift pass, lesson sessions and equipment online on their website. You can get a snow pass and add the lesson to your pass, which will give you a 2 and ½ hour lesson to better your skiing skills. You will have to book all of these prior to your trip.

Vacations are all about relaxation, having fun, and enjoyment. For this, many people plan a trip to go out and have fun with their family or friends. In the recent years, tourism has increased at Falls Creek. Snow and ski are the main attraction. There are many hotels and resorts which provide accommodation to the tourists at Falls Creek . It is a basic need for any tourist. If people are going with their family, including kids, then they prefer children friendly accommodation at Falls Creek. Along with Falls Creek accommodation, a swimming pool is also in demand. If you are also planning for a vacation in Falls Creek then you should choose accommodation with a pool. Here are the reasons:

1. Feel Relax :

A hot swimming pool can make you feel relaxed after skiing. Skiing takes a lot of physical effort and if you are not used to it, you may feel tired. Choose accommodation which has a hot swimming pool. So that you can relax when you come back to your hotel or resort. A hot water bath or swim also helps you to have a sound sleep.

2. Good for Heart:

Swimming is also good for the heart. It controls blood pressure and heart rate. It makes our heart and lungs more efficient. This improves the quality of our breathing system. We consume more oxygen which is good for our overall health.

3. Muscular Health:

Swimming includes the maximum use of muscles in our body. So, if you are willing to have a muscular body without going to the gym then swimming is the best exercise for you. Accommodation with a swimming pool will allow you to do this on your vacations also.

4. Flexibility:

Swimming makes your body more flexible. It helps to loosen the ligaments and tendons. This reduces the pressure and makes it more resistant from sudden shocks and strain. To continue the routine, choose accommodation with a swimming pool.

5. Lose Weight:

Swimming is also a very good exercise for weight loss. So, if you have extra fat or suffering from obesity then swimming is the best rescue for you. Regular swimming will help you to get rid of your extra weight. Do not skip it while you are on your vacation.

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Travel Tips: Make your Tour Memorable

Who doesn’t love a vacation? Memorable holidays are always cherished by the crowd which boosts them to travel to other places. At times, a planned tour may not work out as per the intention of a person which is a huge let down for many. If one is planning to visit Australia then plan a journey to Victoria where one will be able to find a resort town and set an accommodation in Falls Creek. Thousands of people travel every single day and look for places where are accommodations can be found so that it makes easy for people to travel without worrying about a place to rest. Falls Creek accommodation is known for their hospitality and services which is why tourists make an effort to stay there at least for a day. Following are travel tips that can make your tour memorable:

1. Stay at places.

There is a famous myth that travellers have is they have a tendency to travel to different places in a short span which takes away the essence of enjoying the beauty and environment. So, stay at places discover some unvisited and unrated places near the surrounding which usually turns amazing in many of the situations. Slow travel is a satisfying way to enjoy things that are around and guess what, there are hundreds of things which one will discover about a particular culture, tradition, people, surroundings, so on and forth on.

2. Reviews aren’t true always.

One should check online and have a look at some reviews which can be helpful but a person should be open about knowing more about things. At times, people tend to post some negative comments intentionally which is found common these days and so it shouldn’t be believed before making a thorough research. Talk to localities, ask them about the popular must-visit places and accommodations in Falls Creek will change the mindset of some people. Contact hotlines who can give a clear idea about the destinations which one intends to visit.

3. Hiring a guide is a smart choice.

Every tourist places have guides who know better about the locations rather than first-time visitors. Many people ignore and reject the idea of hiring a guide as they might feel that they can misguide and mistreat them which is actually a legitimate concern. There are registered people that certain travel agencies have as they go under some specific to make the guests comfortable and make them feel at home.

4. Carry a good attitude.

Hundreds of people feel that visitors are often rude and might be true in some of the instances which is why one must have patience and know how to act in unknown places with the utmost respect. Believe it or not, you’re representing your country so you should have this in mind and act accordingly and find Falls Creek accommodation easily.

Vacations are the best time of life when you can enjoy the maximum amount of time with your friends and family. Most people plan tours to spend vacation time as they can explore a new place when they have nothing to do. There are so many activities which you can do on your vacation. Ski is one of them and it is very popular among people. Falls Creek is their favorite destination for ski. Accommodation is the first thing which comes to mind when we think about a foreign trip. There are many options available for falls creek accommodation and here is a list of best of them with spa:

1. Frueauf Village: You will find it luxurious and enjoyable. The location is very beautiful as it is situated in central Falls Creek. Their spa is amazing and great to experience at least once. They also provide ski in ski out facility. They have many size options for bedroom like the studio to 1-4 bedroom. They provide free wi-fi facility to their guests. The environment at Frueauf Village is so good. You will feel relaxed there.

2. The Birches Luxury Spa Chalets: Another awesome accommodation for your fall creek vacations. They provide free wifi facility and also a refrigerator in rooms to their guests. The View from The Birches Luxury Spa Chalets is breathtaking. You can enjoy snowy mountain ranges and valley view from here. Their spa is so refreshing and energizes you for rest of the year.

3. Pretty Valley Alpine Lodge: This accommodation option is also very good. Especially the spa and heated swimming pool are the main attraction of Pretty Valley. This place is family and kids friendly so you can relax here without any worry. They provide ski equipmet and clothes to their guests for free. They also have a cinema theatre with 22 seats which are so good. They provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner to their guest which is included in their tariff.

4. QT Falls: QT fall provide both the heated swimming pool and spa facility where you can relax and forget about all the stress of your daily routine. Here you can also access self-serve laundry. They also provide breakfast. You can enjoy free wi-fi at QT falls. Staying at QT Falls is an amazing experience. It will suit your requirements if you are looking for falls creek accommodation with a spa.

5. Karelia Alpine Lodge: It will be a unique and unforgettable experience for you if you choose Karelia Alpine Lodge as your falls creek accommodation. They have an amazing spa which will relax your body and soothe your soul. They also have a tennis court so if you consider yourself as a tennis player then you will love this for sure. They provide ski in ski out facility also.

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The Top 8 Things to Do in Falls Creek

Falls Creek is an alpine and cross-country ski center situated in northeastern Victoria, Australia. Falls Creek is home to cross-country skiing in Australia. If this is your first ski holiday with your family then you must read the following top 8 things to do in Falls Creek :

Alpine touring: Falls Creek Alpine touring program educates, guides and supplies easy to use alpine touring equipment. This program is a combination of cross-country and downhill skiing. You get to discover and enjoy more of the skiable terrain in and around Falls Creek due to this program.  

Night skiing: Night skiing at falls creek can be the experience of a lifetime for you. Every Wednesday and Saturday night, the 2.2km skiing ride starts from Fall express chair to Wombats Ramble. Make your ski holiday memorable with night skiing and staying at Falls creek lodge accommodations equipped with best amenities.

Cross-country skiing: Falls Creek is the home of cross-country skiing in Australia. They have the best landscape and terrain for skiing with 65 km of groomed trails which are open and free to access. Along with cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking trails are becoming popular sports for beginners. Trails are free since 2011 which caused huge growth in Nordic sports at Falls Creek. Through these trails, you can also gain access to the corners of Bogong High Plains. Find best falls creek lodge accommodation to make the most of your skiing experience.

Grooming tours: If you want to explore the rarely seen locations of Falls Creek, take a grooming tour with grooming experts sitting in heated Kassbohrer. This grooming tour is the best for people who want to get an inside look at the snow grooming process. Prefer children friendly accommodation at Falls Creek if you are traveling with your family.

Mountain orientation tours: In a mountain orientation tour, an expert from the area will show you all the best places in Falls Creek. These tours are free and best for the first timers in Falls Creek.

Heli Scenic tour: You can witness the breathtaking beauty of the Alpine region in a heli scenic tour during Ski season and during the peak summer months. You can enjoy views of Falls Creek and Hotham ski fields, the Kiewa Valley, Mt Kosciuszko, Mt Bogong and much more.

Snow tubing: Snow tubing is the great way to experience the fun of winter recreation. Tubing is not a very hard thing to do and your kids don't need any experience for enjoying the snow tubing. Stay at children friendly accommodation at Falls Creek so your child can enjoy the holiday on slopes.

Tobogganing: Toboggan is a simple sled which is used on snow to carry children down a hill for fun. Your children can have the best sledding experience in any weather conditions.

A ski holiday is the most desired holiday, something to look forward to. It’s special as you get time to have fun with your family and to make your children enjoy to the fullest. Falls Creek is the perfect place to have special ski holidays. Falls Creek offers true ski-in/ski-out accommodation, skiing and snowboarding for all abilities and a huge range of activities both day and night. If you seek adventure and an adrenaline rush, the terrain parks feature some of the best rails and jumps around, plus 65 kilometers of free cross-country trails, making it the home of cross-country skiing. The village also incorporates plenty of shopping, restaurants and night life with a variety of attractions to suit every visitors taste.

Falls Creek holds various events which attract skiers from around the world. The Kangaroo Hoppet, The Australian Slopestyle Championships and Australia's highest sanctioned TTR World Tour event held in the first week of September are some of the events held in falls creek for professional skiers and snowboarders to test their skills.

If you are looking for ski holidays for your family, Then Falls Creek is the perfect place, you can find out for children friendly accommodation to get a safe and enjoyable holiday experience at Falls Creek. The children friendly lodges in Falls Creek offer various feature like relaxed and friendly environment and high levels of professional service. Range of facilities at the lodge make the guests enjoy their holiday to the fullest.

The popular lodge at Falls Creek offer various facilities like:

    • Children and family friendly accommodation at Falls Creek
    • Children's dinner followed by supervised entertainment programs
    • The tariff includes breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
    • Free ski and snowboard hire equipment to guests.
    • Free Snow pants and jacket hire for guests.
    • Heated pools and spas.
    • Ski in-ski out location.
    • Qualified massage therapists
    • Pub
    • Cinema 
  • If you are really looking for a perfect ski holiday, then you should surf and find out children and family friendly lodge, such a reputed stay option will make your holidays safe, enjoyable and memorable. Such a stay option is very safe for you children and you can be out of worry and relaxed because such a stay option allows complete supervision to keep your children safe and secured. Falls Creek is a wonderful place to have adventure and fun and if you find a safe children friendly lodge for stay then your holiday becomes perfect and safest. There are many such lodges available at such an adventurous place, but it’s always better to find out the best lodge to ensure safety and comfort for your family.
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Pretty Valley Alpine Lodge

If you are looking for Falls Creek accommodation then Pretty Valley lodges offer a wide range of facilities and activities to keep the whole family entertained.